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Taufik: Kinabalu here i come!


Kinabalu here i come!
2008-12-16 10:28:00

Hello guys,

How are you? i trust you are well.

I guess the guys who runs the website has informed you that i have decided to participate in the Super Series Masters Finals.

I decided to cancel last week, following a back injury that i acquired during training in preparations for the Finals. I admit that even now, i have not fully recovered from the injury, my back still hurts and i still don't feel up to a perfect condition which would enable me to play 100%.

But, after talking it through with the event sponsors, as well with my team of coaches, and more importantly. the wifey, i have decided to honor the Finals and will be going to Kota Kinabalu latter today.

I am hoping that by being there, seing the court and the spectators, i would be able to push my body into a 1005 condition, if not, so be it. i, at least hope to bring my best game into the competition.

To answer a question by in the shout out, my happiest moment? perhaps winning the gold medal in Athens. It was surreal, an almost too good to be true moment in my career. It didn't properly sink in until they played the national anthem and handed me the medal.

Everything afterward the ceremony were all blank for me, just that precise moment. it hit me, i just won it!

Hope that answer your question.

And to the person who post a question about the game before sk_bach, if you would kindly repost it, i would gladly answer your question.

Anyway.. Adios guys!! 9 more days until Christmas! hope you all have bought presents for your loved ones!

See all of you in Kota Kinabalu, if you could!.


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